News Letter

Dear Fellow Practitioners:
Thank you for your interest in joining the International Traditional Karate Association. It is the goal of our organization to unify individual practitioners and clubs all over the world who adhere to and practice traditional martial arts while following the ethics taught by Master Funakoshi through the dojo kun and Niju kun.

Our organization is non-political, which encourages autonomy and self development for its clubs and individuals. However, we do require new members to meet certain standards in order to gain rank certification. These standards are not meant to create obstacles, but rather are designed to maintained standards of quality among the members of the ITKA.

For new individual membership, Shodan and up, applicants must submit the following documentation for consideration:
1. Passport size photo
2. Copies of ranking certificates
3. Resume of martial arts history
4. Listing of teaching and training events for past two years

Based upon a review of the submitted materials, the ITKA technical review board may require a re-test for the requested rank. Depending upon geographic location of the applicant, video or video live feed can be arranged through Shihan for the test. Requirements of the exam will be specifically communicated if required.

For new group/club membership, the chief instructor of the club will need to apply for rank certification as set forth above, and upon certification, that instructor will have ITKA authority to certify lower ranking members of their group/club.
For your convenience, our membership forms, mission and benefit statement, and fee schedule  can be found on this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us anytime.
Yours Truly,
Robert S. Medansky
Director, National and International Membership 
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